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According to a 2007 Pew Report, 78% of Blacks in America identify as Protestant while a 2011 report by Pew notes that nearly 24% of Christians live in Sub-Saharan Africa.Christianity’s explosion across Africa led many to call for the Vatican to select a successor to Pope Benedict from the Continent with Ghanaian Cardinal Peter Turkson among the suggested shortlist.Sometimes they would just say “ ended up being insanely complex and challenged if I was really down for this whole Christianity thing.

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You can get online at any point and read about large mega-church pastors covering up sexual abuse cases. Both were covered in tattoos, occasionally used swear words, and liked beer.

All the things I had been told growing up that got you kicked out of But that wasn’t why I became a Christian.

It was the way they shared openly about their hurts and repeated failures.

It was the way they loved their wives and spoke so highly about them.

once shared with me about the day he walked into youth group and never returned when he was asked to burn his “secular” albums. My friend Derek and I were at youth group when the pastor asked us to break or burn our favorite CDs. It would be almost a decade before I stepped foot in a church again out of my own willingness.

Derek attended once or twice more, but the question always plagued us, “” And so he ended up leaving too. But first I had to learn to play the “game.” And the game was this: Intellectually I identified as “Christian.” Emotionally, I thought it was a crock of shit.

I finally left the church when I learned of my pastor’s “indiscretions.” Those indiscretions included: Swinging. So I kept up the appearances of Christianity to please those around me so I wouldn’t get the weird “ He seemed kind and compassionate and enjoyed associating with the people I associated with (the party crowd).

People ignored him, busy in the shuffle of their day-to-day lives, Maybe he would flash that infectious grin, offer a prayer, and then feel godly as he walked away in his snazzy suit and continued to nail his secretary on a pile of cash he stole from the church.

His people were moral Nazis, and they had really strange rules. They just happened to be really skilled at covering it up and looking pretty externally.

Once you said the prayer-thing asking Jesus into your heart ( — cussing, drinking, premarital sex, secular music. And even the one’s who were pretty on the outside usually got disillusioned or just ended up becoming judgmental cause they were “nailing it” (although that attitude reveals massive heart issues).


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