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You'd be surprised how often I actually have to remind people that this is rude.2. Pube color will be reported on a need-to-know basis.3. You have to be hella confident to walk around with a 4-alarm fire on your head every day of your life. Although being the most desired woman in the bar certainly helps.5.I do not under-rate anybody and I do not discriminate against people. Ikä 45 Kaupungista Sudbury, United Kingdom Kirjautunut sisään - 2 viikkoa sitten Nainen Haen Miestä (1737 Kilometrin päässä) eccentric young at heart 40 something wanting to meet like minded guys for companionship Ikä 33 Kaupungista London, United Kingdom Kirjautunut sisään - 2 viikkoa sitten Nainen Haen Miestä (1819 Kilometrin päässä) I'm a so happy girl, 1.60m, 50kg, I will study psychologist, and I like electronic music (like trance, electro, dubstep...etc), like culture, travels, I don't have fear of nothing, I can star and restart, I'm a positive girl, and really know that...Ikä 25 Kaupungista Birmingham, United Kingdom Kirjautunut sisään - 2 viikkoa sitten Nainen Haen Miestä (1842 Kilometrin päässä) I love to travel, just came back from India and can't wait to travel again.When I lived in Wales I had a part-time job to put me through university.Toss me that blanket for my feet and turn the fan on my face, thanks.7. Some say redheads actually bruise more easily than others, so lay off the hickeys please. There is no greater gift you can give a redhead than a bottle of 30 SPF sunscreen that actually smells delicious. Many redheads are left-handed or are allergic to something super weird or have other weird recessive gene things, but these just make her more interesting. Don't freak out the first time she sleeps over and takes off her mascara. And she looks really different in the summer than in the winter.This is legit the only one I've found so report back in the comments.9. She looks like a totally different person, but even more beautiful, if that's even possible. July: She actually looks insanely tan because all her freckles have melded together to make a fran (freckle tan). Our sole purpose is to get as many of you sexy gingers to meet and have lots of red hot sex.There's nothing better than getting under the covers with a horny ginger to blow off some steam. Firstly, joining Shag a Ginger is fast, easy and completely FREE.I remember watching a programme on the BBC about what life was like for ginger people. "Just try and limit the ginger," she says to the ginger man. Let's face it, when the Irish immigrated to England, there was a lot of discrimination.They interviewed a few gingers and two interviews stuck out in my mind in particular. In the second part of the programme, the BBC decided to place a couple of dating ads on the internet. A lot of them really hit it off with the respondents; some of them even shared personal details with each other. I wonder if gingers are discriminated against in the workplace. And since a lot of Irish people have red hair, well, it's not hard to put two and two together.


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